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Hurrey…. ! I just passed my driving practical test today in first attemp. All because of Mr. Navab my instructor, who was very calm and patient and made my driving so easy and enjoyable. He always make sure tht his student pass the test in first go. Very punctual on time and flexible with your time as well. Highly recommended to all new learners.Honestly couldn't ask for better instructor than him.

- Dimpal Solanki



Nawab is a brilliant instructor, very patient, positive and supportive through out the lessons. He focused on areas I needed to improve on, as well as going over other things to refresh my skills. He works around your life and always organised. I highly recommend Nawab school of driving.

- Carolyne Musan


  I PASSED ON THE FIRST GO. This is all because of Nawab. He is an excellent teacher. He knows how to teach and what to teach. I would highly recommend to go Nawab.

- Yesudas Kumbuckal


  Honestly couldn't have asked for a better driving instructors. He made me feel so confident before the test even though I doubted myself he assured me and helped me out alot with the things I wasn't sure about. I would definitely recommend him for anyone as I had the most incredible experience with him.

- Kausar Ashkir


  I had a pleasant experience with Mr Nawab passing my test on the first attempt after a month of lessons. His calm demeanour and constructive feedback was a huge help in allowing me to learn to drive. I would definitely recommend him to others who are looking to pursue driving lessons.

- Huzaifa Ismail


  Passed first time with zero faults!! Brilliant instructor very professional would highly recommend! I was very anxious and thought I’d never pass at the beginning this instructor tailored his teaching to make me confident and less anxious about driving now I’m very confident behind the wheel and the test proved that! I’m very thankful

- Ashley Martin

  Mr nawab is the best instructor in Leicester 1 time I pass my test just take 5 lesson I recommended pls try once

- Gurjit Singh

  Mr Nawab is a very good instructor. I would like to recommend him for giving good behaviour. I have also passed in first attempt.

- Sachin Mittal

  I just passed my test on the first attempt with only 2 minors, in less than 2 months. Mr Nawab is an excellent instructor. He was calm, patient and was always giving me tips on ways I could improve. I would highly recommended him.

- Mohammed Tahir Abubaker

  Friendly talented humble and good behave with Student and very punctual. I Definitely recommend to everyone for new learner. I believe he is best instructor in Leicester. Thanks.

- Bipin Choudhary.

  NAWAB SCHOOL OF MOTORING HELPED ME PASS FIRST TIME! The best driving instructor you could ever wish for, patient, easy to learn from with fun and enjoyable lessons. I passed within 3 months with no previous driving experience! Excellent value for money and would highly recommended, thank you Nawab for getting me on the roads.

- Olivia Mathews


- Muhammad Kamran Mahmood

  Thank you, for helping me get my license in such a short time. I really enjoyed learning to drive with you, you have a fantastic way of teaching. Will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that wants to learn to drive. Thank you again.

- Djamel Seba

  I highly recommend nawaab school of motoring. I passed first time with only a few minors. He took everything at my pace and was patient. Great Instructor.

- Hana Said

  Just passed my test, he's always being patient and explained well if made any errors. I highly reccomend him.

- Navin Carlo

  I recommend nawab driving. He has explained whenever I make a mistake and let me know which part I might need to work well with it. It has been easy to understand during the lessons. He has being very supportive and calm to explain whenever I get it wrong.

- Runaz Mulla

  Very refreshing to see an instructor like Mr Nawab. I recommend to everyone for his calm way of explaining/teaching. He is very professional and highly patient. This allows students to be confident at all times!

- Hafsa Ibrahim

  An excellent instructor. I was apprehensive about learning to drive at 30, but he instilled confidence and helped me pass my test first time (with no faults). Highly recommended

- Alexander Erdlenbruch

  I hold a passed certificate today, passed at the very first attempt, i cant thank enough. I overcame all my fears of certain roads and speed. Beyond professional, very calm, a pure gentlemen. Worth every penny and time! Highly recomended if you want to pass your test.

- Suvekshya Burathoki

  Passed driving test yesterday first time at Wigston centre I definitely recommend this driving school supportive and well mannered instructor. Thank you for helping me to achieve my license couldn’t ask for better instructor Manny thanks Aymen.

- Aymen Nafeti

  thanks a lot for your professional supervising and help me a lot to pass my driving test. strongly recommend !

- Sahin Turetken


"An excellent driving instructor - Highly recommended. Mr Muhammed Nawab is a patient, Helpful & Unique driving Instructor. His Unique Method of teaching proved beneficial for me and enabled me to pass my Diving test the first time, in a limited amount of lessons. I would recommend others to have their Driving lessons from him."

- Imran Kassim


"Mr nawab was very good instructor. He was so helpful and friendly. Also he gave me confidence to pass my test. I am so glade to have lessons with him. I just want to say thanks to him."

- Sajid Munshi


MR Navab was an excellent driving instructor, he was very clear and specific in guiding me in each lesson and briliant in explaining, i have had a wonderful experience learning my lesson with him and i would definitely recommend everyone for navab driving school. top rated person thanks for all your support.

- Vimal Patel


"The best driving instructor! I'm a naturally nervous person but Nawab made me feel calm and confident. He tailored the lessons to my needs. He explained everything clearly and was brilliant at helping me grasp anything I had doubts about. I would definitely recommend Nawab Driving School to anyone looking for driving lessons of great quality and at a great price."


- Anne Chiware



"Nawab was a very good instructor he was always on time very good at speaking to you when you made mistakes I really enjoyed the way he taught and was a top rated instructor.  Also thanks for your hard work with helping me to pass my test."

- Rhiannon Weafer



"Great driving instructor. Makes you feel at ease when driving and pushes you so you can do well. Very friendly and patient too. I have and will recommend him to anyone."

- Sabrina John-Baptiste 




Thankyou Mohammad bhai for your support!" 

- Ali Ihsan 


"I just want to say thank you to Mohammed for helping me pass my driving test the first time. He was very helpful in boosting my confidence and driving skills as he was always calm and patient, and he also had no problem in going through things again if I forgot or had any further questions! I especially appreciated that, unlike some instructors I've had in the past, he would take me to drive around the test centre and routes that I was going to be tested on. Thanks again and I would highly recommend Nawab Driving School."

- Dhruv Tanna 


"Learning to drive safely with Muhammed as my instructor was a pleasure, for that reason alone I would recommend him to any one. His qualities include: Excellent communication skills, punctuality, patience, confidence in his pupils, flexibility in time management and many more. If I say Mohammed Nawab is the best instructor in the United Kingdom you would say I'm boasting, but if I say he is not the best Instructor in Leicester city then you would know I'm lying."

- Stefano Chigborogu 




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